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About Hassing

Hassing is a renowned name in the business of headgear. With more than a century of experience, we have distinguished ourselves as a specialist in uniform hats. In fact, we are now the only manufacturer in the Netherlands that produces uniform hats.


Our strength

Our strength lies in our stringent quality assurance that begins in the design phase and continues all the way until the product has been delivered. Those who do business with Hassing can also count on specialist craftsmanship with a passion for the product. We interact with our customers in a clear and straightforward manner and are committed to customer satisfaction.

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    Hassing opens a factory

    In 1894, Anthonius Hassing and his two sons opened a factory in Purmerend for uniforms and uniform hats.

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    Company based in Amersfoort

    One of Anthonius’ sons, Julius, anticipated better market opportunities in the garrison city of Amersfoort. In 1897, he established himself on Lange Beekstraat in Amersfoort. When the business immediately took off, he quickly had to move to larger premises on Arnhemseweg.

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    More than just uniform hats

    Julius Hassing didn’t just supply uniform hats in Amersfoort; his establishment in Amersfoort also produced spurs, swords, handcuffs, and pistols.

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    Acquisition by Ab Have

    Soon after the death of Julius Hassing’s son, Anthonius Hassing, the search began for someone to take over the business. Ab Have, who had scarcely worked two years at the company, voiced his interest in taking over. Once the bank approved this, the takeover was quickly finalised.

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    Hassing opens a factory in Tunisia

    Due to overwhelming demand, it became impossible to continue producing everything in Amersfoort. After thorough discussion, it was decided to open a production branch in Tunisia. This made it easier to serve the international market.

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    100th anniversary

    In 1994, we celebrated our 100th anniversary. By then, the clientele had expanded to include a number of major organisations, including several national police forces and fire brigades, the Dutch royal house and even German and French authorities.

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    Move to Nijkerk

    After the business outgrew the Amersfoort factory, the move was made to the Melkrijder location in Nijkerk. Since 2007, Hassing has been based here and sits proudly beside its subsidiary Integrated Sports (www.integratedsports.nl).

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    Purveyor to the royal household

    We have been supplying quality products for 125 years, including for years now at the royal household. This year we have received the designation 'purveyor to the royal household' of which we are very proud. This is another confirmation that delivering quality in the long term is always worthwhile, and that is why our focus is on that.

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    Looking to the future

    To this day, our operations revolve around one thing: the quality of our products and services. We want to continue satisfying our Dutch clients long into the future, just as we want to expand further into the international market.